The foundation and starting point of our projects is established by carefully listening to the client and understanding their architectural expectations and desires. Maintaining relationhips and clear communications with the client and all members of the design and build teams is an integral part of our management style. These first two practices along with an inherent sense of commitment and craft are the real intangibles that bring good fortune to the process of Kappe Studio projects. Studied decisions regarding- siting, proportions, materials, detail, and inventive sequencing of spaces, also contribute to the special character of our work.

Whether the program is for a large or small project, commercial or residential, resources are always considered critically - for they are the key to creating value in the work. We believe that quality and character can stem from a commitment to minimum development. This is not to say that less is always more, but to suggest that knowing how to make the most with the least is a serious part of the art of architecture.

Kappe Studio continues a tradition of modern architecture based on sensitivity to movement, light and space. The beauty and promise of architecture, as opposed to other arts, is that you can move not only up to it or around it, as with painting or sculpture, but also through it. It has a front door and a back door, an inside and an outside. In designing architecture that gives shelter and protection, the opportunity to observe and experience the passing of a day from the interior of the building, shall not be lost. The idea is that qualities of light influence qualities of space, and that quality of space affects quality of life.